Part of Every NuPhysicia Telemedicine Package

When you engage NuPhysicia to develop your telemedicine platform, you are benefitting from the most experienced professionals in the industry. Key in that knowledge is that a telemedicine platform must be engineered for daily clinical use, and not be just a group of parts that are connected by wires. NuPhysicia’s Integration & Preparation™ is provided as part of every NuPhysicia Package, and is the know-how to make telemedicine systems rugged and reliable, ready for the rigors of daily clinical use.

Just one example: A popular medical exam camera usually comes with two separate wires, one for charging, and one for carrying signal. These are inexpensive, minimal-spec lightweight cables that will pull loose or materially fail in daily clinical use.

NuPhysicia I&P™ replaces these cables with longer, superior specification units with heavier gauge wire, and encases both wires into a single wear-resistant sheath. Completing the preparation, the cables are attached to the exam camera with a durable cuff that prevents connector pull-out, and provides additional strain relief on the cables. This improved-specification set-up will provide longer life and improved looks on the installation.

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