Today’s organizations implementing large-scale telemedicine programs need more than a scheduler. They need a complete telemedicine process management (TPM) solution – NuPhysicia +dms®

The Digital Medical Services® or DMS® system is a US-patented (US 7,912,733 B2) intellectual property of the University of Texas and is exclusively licensed to NuPhysicia. It represents an effective, technology-based system for delivery of health care that incorporates medical videoconferencing, electronic medical records, patient remote diagnostics and data collection, and enterprise reporting systems for the medical environment.

What Does +dms® do for telemedicine?

  • Integrates scheduled and non-scheduled (walk-in) care events into a smooth level of service.
  • Operates synchronization between access demand and provider availability across a multi-location, multi-provider telemedicine network.
  • Prevents “collisions” on the telemedicine network where a patient site or provider becomes over-committed.
  • Prevents overload of patient sites and provider capabilities through active messaging and management, like FAA flight control.
  • Provides standardized activity reporting and process compliance metrics for peak efficiency.

How Does +dms® work as a TPM?

  • Telemedicine endpoints at clinics report real-time activity to +dms® via proprietary messaging formats.
  • The client EHR connects to +dms® via secure API or uses +dms® EMRLite™ embedded application.
  • The Telemedicine Care Process Manager – operated as SaaS via secure cloud, provides:
  • Provider Demand Awareness and Patient Flow – +dms® secure web messenger and virtual waiting room browser pages.
  • Real Time Activity Alerts – Email or SMS text – patient ready, patient waiting too long, too many patients waiting, more.
  • Analytics and Reporting – +dms® secure web reports portal, detailed patient flow data and summary statistics.