NuPhysicia’s DMS® solution is based upon academically-developed, patented workflows (2 US patents, 1 Canada patent). Our management has been working in telemedicine since 1999.

Global Application

Our first telemedicine site support was for an offshore rig in the South China Sea in 2009. We have or have had systems and services in Canada, the GOM, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, and in shipyards in the UAE, Korea, China, and Singapore.

Large Scale Implementation Experience

We are a trusted resource for big, high-reliability implementations including:

  • A state-wide prison telemedicine Program (2000 to present) serving 152 Locations across Texas with 4,532 employees, including an academic medical center, regional provider hubs, 23 concurrent clinical disciplines for both scheduled and urgent care – providing 30,000+ visits per year after 2 years, 100,000+ visits per year today.
  • A private telemedicine venture (2007 to present) serving 132 land and offshore locations globally with commercial service levels with multi-national, multi-lingual implementations for 9 individual provider groups giving global urgent care and workplace convenience care – providing 20,000+ visits per year.
  • A national Fortune 15 pharmacy retail clinic division (2013 to present) serving 58 locations currently (and growing) in two states (and growing) for four clinical business units giving walk-in convenience care and moving to multiple provider level integration.