We Love Building Successful
Programs like NMMC Telehealth

M. Shane Spees, President and CEO of North Mississippi Health Services based in Tupelo, says it better than we can:

“We chose to work with NuPhysicia based on their diverse experience in telehealth and their understanding of the components that are most important to a successful telehealth program implementation.  They helped our team see beyond the technology to realize that the key drivers to a successful telehealth implementation lie in managing the process and behavioral changes.  NuPhysicia also opened our eyes to many more uses and opportunities through telehealth than we initially recognized.”  

Thank you, Shane! Based upon a strategic study, technology recommendations, training and implementation services from NuPhysicia, NMHS/NMMC has developed an active, growing, multi-site, multi-specialty telehealth and telemedicine network. This program is delivering patients and providers at new levels of quality and convenience across rural North Mississippi.

Learn more about NMHS/NMMC’s excellent program at http://www.nmhs.net/telehealth/index.php

The photo above shows NuPhysicia medics Charlie LeClair and Dave Buzard leading a telehealth care inservice for nursing staff at Iuka Medical Center in Iuka, MS, part of the North Mississippi Health System.

Whether you are considering a telehealth or telemedicine program at your organization, nobody can match NuPhysicia’s 15+ yearsxperience in program strategic planning, ROI estimation, technical design, medical tool choices, implementation and training.

Dr. Glenn Hammack