NuPhysicia team members Theo Savvidis and Long Ly had a great time at the American Telemedicine Association Fall Forum last week, September 28-30, 2016 in New Orleans. Staffing the booth and saying hello to all our clients and partners, and greeting new friends as well, Theo and Long enjoyed showing off our latest products and discussing our range of services.

Drawing lots of attention this year was our updated Suitcase System, which is now refined down to 14 lbs and sports a large HD screen and HD codec along with our trusted set of examination peripherals. Like all our Suitcase systems, it is international carry-on compliant, contains no dangerous batteries, and works on either 120VAC and 240VAC power.

Since NuPhysicia’s founders created the renowned “Big Orange Box” or “BOB” for offshore use in 1996 at the University of Texas Medical Branch, NuP has continued to refine the portable telemedicine kit concept through the B3 Zero and B3 Storm products circa 2005, through to the advanced system offered today.

For more information about the latest Suitcase system, contact us today!